Today at Apple - Discover Your Alter Ego

Today at Apple

Creative Projects
Make your alter ego.

Discover your alter ego in this creative project as we look inward to create who we feel we really are. Join Temi Coker and Apple Creative Pro Anthony as they show you how to create your own expressive alter ego. Choose your photo then bring it to life on iPad with your Apple Pencil, and with the Alter Ego brush pack.

Today at Apple Creative Projects

Your alter ego is a way to express your truth and show who you really are to the world.


Bring your alter ego to life.

Set your inner self free with the exclusive Procreate Alter Ego brush pack. Designed to work flawlessly with Apple Pencil, we carefully crafted these unique pressure sensitive brushes to give you ultimate control on your artistic journey to discovering your best vision of you.

Curated colors

What hue makes you?

Another way to define your alter ego is through bold, expressive colors. Take this curated color palette and make your own statement.