Procreate® Pocket Handbook


Import images into your canvas, add text, and use the clipboard for cut, copy, and paste actions.


Procreate Pocket provides you with various ways to insert pictures into your canvas.

Insert a Photo

Use the Photos app to insert an image into your canvas.

To bring a JPEG, PNG or PSD image from your Photos app into your canvas, tap Modify > Actions > Add > Insert a photo. Your Photos app will pop up. Scroll through your folders to find photos you’ve taken and images you’ve saved to your iPhone.

If you import a PSD this way, it will place in your document as a flattened image. To import a PSD with all layers preserved, use Gallery Import.

Insert a File

Use the Files app to insert an image from any connected location.

To insert a compatible image file, tap Modify > Actions > Add > Insert a file. This will open the Files app displaying your recent images. You can also Browse all your connected folders using the navigation bar at the bottom.

You can import PNG, JPEG, and PSD files.

If you import a PSD this way, it will place in your document as a flattened image. To import a PSD with all layers preserved, you must use Gallery Import.

Take a Photo

Snap a photo with your iPhone camera and insert it into your canvas.

Tap Modify > Actions > Add > Take a photo to bring up your iPhone’s inbuilt camera.

Take a photo, tap Use Photo, and it will appear in any open document ready for use.

Add Text

Type editable vector Text into your document to create snappy designs and striking word art.

Procreate Pocket’s typography tools offer you a world of design opportunities. Create crisp vector text using professional-quality text editing features. Access a wide range of pre-loaded fonts, or even import your own favorites.

Tap the wrench button in the top left of the screen to open the Actions menu, then tap Modify > Actions > Add > Add text.

A Text box will be added to the canvas. You can drag the text box to move it, or begin typing immediately. Tap the Color button to change the color of your text, or tap the Edit Style button to access a variety of fonts, design tools and editing options.

When you’re happy with your text, open the Layers panel, tap the thumbnail of your Text layer, and tap Rasterize. This converts your vector text to pixels. Now you can apply any of Procreate Pocket’s features and effects to it.

The Text section offers an in-depth exploration of this powerful and versatile feature.

Cut / Copy / Paste

Add, remove, and duplicate parts of your canvas from the Actions menu.


Cut a layer or selection.

This classic clipboard function will remove your selected area from your document and store it on the iOS clipboard. Paste it elsewhere in your canvas, into a different Procreate Pocket canvas, or into another app on your iPhone.


Copy a layer or selection.

Copy works the same way as Cut, without removing the selection from the original document.

Copy All

Copy your entire canvas.

Copy and Cut only affect a single layer. Copy All will copy the content of every visible layer of your Canvas as a flattened image.


Drop your Cut or Copied image into another document or app.

Once you’ve Cut or Copied your image data, Paste it elsewhere in your current canvas, or into another canvas. You can even paste into emails, chats, and other compatible apps.

Pro Tip

Procreate Pocket offers two other ways to access Copy Paste without going through the Actions menu. You can set up and access Copy Paste options via QuickMenu, or call up the Copy Paste menu with a single gesture.