Procreate® Pocket Handbook


Customize Procreate Pocket to suit your workflow. Adjust the look of the interface, mirror your canvas to a connected screen or connect a third-party stylus.

Interface Appearence

Tweak your Procreate Pocket interface to look the way you like.

Go to Modify > Actions > Preferences to change the appearance and behavior of the Procreate Pocket interface. Do this using a series of easy-to-use toggles and sliders.

Interface Toggles

These interface options toggle between states.

Dark Interface

The Procreate Pocket interface offers two visual modes. Dark Interface is an unobtrusive charcoal interface that keeps the focus on your artwork. Light Interface is ideal for higher contrast when you’re working in bright environments.

Brush Cursor

When you switch the Brush Cursor on, the outline of your Brush shape will appear when you touch the canvas. This is so you can see in advance the shape of the mark you’ll make.


Turn on QuickMenu and then tap the canvas twice to invoke. When you invoke QuickMenu, you can dismiss it by tapping off, continuing to paint, or selecting a QuickMenu option.

Learn more about QuickMenu.


Connect a second display via cable or AirPlay and toggle Projector. The second display will show your canvas only, full-screen - with no interface, zoom, or interruptions. This helps you work on fine details in Procreate Pocket while keeping an eye on the big picture.

Stylus Behavior

Adjust the way Procreate Pocket responds to your touch or third-party stylus.

Two menu options in the Preferences panel control Procreate Pocket’s touch and pressure responses. You'll find these by tapping Modify > Actions > Preferences.

Connect Legacy Stylus

Connect any supported third-party stylus using Bluetooth.

Tap Connect legacy stylus to bring up the Connect Stylus panel. Here, you’ll find a list of the types of stylus Procreate Pocket currently supports.

NOTE: Before the Connect Stylus panel appears you will be shown this message. Tap OK to proceed to the list of stylus types.

Ensuring that your stylus is switched on, tap on your stylus brand to scan for your device. When Procreate Pocket finds it, the Connect Stylus panel will update. This will show options and readouts specific to your stylus.

You can assign your favorite functions to your stylus buttons as shortcuts, and track how much battery you have left. Options may vary from stylus to stylus.

Learn how to adjust Procreate Pocket’s overall Pressure Curve below. You can also edit pressure curves for individual brushes in the Brush Studio.

Pro Tip

A lot of third-party styli may have outdated SDKs. Due to this, they may not behave as expected or provide the optimum experience on iPhone. Third-party styli are not supported on iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max or iPhone 12 Mini due to the OLED screen technology build into these phones.

Edit Pressure Curve

Tweak Procreate Pocket’s overall Pressure Curve to match stylus sensitivity to the way you draw.

Use Procreate Pocket’s customizable Pressure Curve to adjust the feel of your stylus to your liking.

Tap Modify > Actions > Preferences > Pressure Curve to open the Pressure Curve panel.

The default curve is a soft upwards curving line. Drag this line to move it as a smooth curve, or tap to add up to six handles.

The horizontal (side to side) axis of the graph defines pressure. Positioning the curve further to the left means your brush will respond quicker to lighter pressure. Pushing the curve to the right means your brush will need more pressure to get a response.

The vertical (up and down) axis sets the output value. Maximum value (top) means the brush is producing 100% of its possible thickness or opacity. Moving toward the minimum value at the bottom means a thinner or more transparent stroke.

To remove a handle, tap it again. To undo all your changes and return to the default curve, tap Reset.


These interface options use sliders for fine adjustments.

To access timer preferences tap Modify > Actions > Preferences > Timers.

Rapid Undo delay

One of Procreate Pocket’s most powerful shortcuts is the two-finger hold for Rapid Undo. Hold two fingers to the canvas, after a brief delay, Procreate Pocket will rapidly move back through Undo steps. This lets you quickly get rid of unwanted changes. This slider allows you to set the length of the delay before Rapid Undo activates, from no delay to 1.5 seconds.

Eyedropper Delay

Choose the amount of time it takes to invoke the Eyedropper when holding your finger on the canvas.

Learn more about Eyedropper.

QuickShape Delay

Choose the amount of time QuickShape to kick in when holding your finger on the canvas after drawing a shape.

Learn more about QuickShape.

Auto-hide Interface

The Interface’s Auto-hide occurs when you tap a canvas. This lets you see the canvas at full screen with no UI distractions. Auto-Hide Interface lets you choose the amount of time the UI disappears before returning to the screen.

Selection mask visibility

When you commit a selection, it becomes a selection mask. This shows you which areas of the canvas are masked (not selected). Masked areas look like moving diagonal shading and are semi-transparent by default. Adjusting the Selection mask visibility slider changes this transparency. This makes your Mask more or less solid. If you have an active selection mask while you adjust the slider, you'll see the change in real-time.