Procreate® Pocket Handbook

Drawing Assist

Create technically accurate drawings while Procreate Pocket does the heavy lifting. Drawing Assist matches your strokes to the Drawing Guide you’ve chosen so your work flows faster.


Drawing Assist aligns your strokes to your Drawing Guide. Think of it like an invisible ruler.

Activate via Guides Menu

Go to Actions > Guides and tap Assisted Drawing to activate it on your primary layer.

When Drawing Assist is active, you’ll see an Assisted tag on that layer in the Layers panel.

When you set up a Symmetry guide, Drawing Assist switches on by default.

Activate via Layer Options menu

You can also toggle Drawing Assist on and off from the Layer Options menu.

Tap your primary layer once to bring up Layer Options, then tap Drawing Assist.

When you switch on Drawing Assist from the Layer Options menu, it activates the last Drawing Guide you used on your current canvas. This will also remember all your previous settings.

Pro Tip

You’re not constrained to the guidelines; they’re only there to help you out. You can draw using Assist anywhere on the canvas, whether you’re on a guideline or not.

Draw Freehand

If you prefer to draw freehand, toggle Drawing Assist off. Or, draw on a normal layer above or below the Assisted layer.