Procreate® Pocket Handbook

Perspective Guide

Perspective Guides offer adjustable vanishing points. Use these to construct realistic objects and backgrounds in your artwork.


Set up and adjust your Perspective Guide.

To set up a Perspective Guide go to Modify > Actions > Guides and tap Perspective. To edit your grid tap Guide Settings. This will take you to the Drawing Guides screen.

Your Perspective Guide appears as thin lines that overlay your artwork. You can adjust the look and behavior of your guide with the following options.

Position and Rotation

Drag the blue nodes to adjust the horizon line and the exact position and angle of your grid lines.

Add Vanishing Points

Tap anywhere on the screen to create a vanishing point. You can create up to three vanishing points. This gives you the option of one-point, two-point, or three-point perspective.

Drag the individual nodes to adjust your Perspective Guide.

One-Point Perspective

One-point perspective, also called parallel perspective, is the simplest form of perspective. All surfaces in the image that face the viewer appear as their true shape, without any distortion. Vertical and horizontal lines are parallel with the edges of the canvas and the horizon line of the artwork.

Only the surfaces that travel towards / away from the viewer distort. These lines all converge towards a single vanishing point. This is the ‘one point’ in ‘one-point perspective’.

Two-Point Perspective

In two-point or angular perspective, only vertical lines are parallel. All horizontal lines converge towards either of two points on a horizon line. Two-point offers a more realistic perspective than one-point. But, it doesn’t give the same amount of depth as three-point perspective.

Three-Point Perspective

The most complex but realistic form of perspective. All lines recede towards one of three vanishing points. This mimics the way we see the real world: objects recede away from us on every axis. This gives structures in your artwork believable depth, width, and height.

Remove or Alter Vanishing Points

Tap on a vanishing point, then tap Delete to remove it, or Select to change the color of the individual vanishing point’s guides


  • Color: Adjust the color of the guide lines using the hue bar at the top of the Drawing Guides screen.
  • Opacity: Adjust the transparency of the guide lines from invisible to opaque.
  • Thickness: Adjust the thickness of the guide lines from invisible to noticeable.

Cancel or Commit

To return to the canvas without making a change, tap Cancel. To commit your changes, tap Done.