Procreate® Pocket Handbook


Procreate Pocket gives you the power to adjust any part of your image with the fine control you need. Explore four versatile selection methods and a range of advanced options.

Interface and Gestures

Use Selections to isolate parts of your art for repainting, editing, transforming, and more.

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Instantly select areas of your artwork with a single touch.

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Hand-draw around your desired content for an intuitive approach to selection. Draw to make a freehand selection, tap to use polygonal lines, or create complex shapes by combining both.

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Rectangle and Ellipse

Sometimes you need a simple selection. Procreate Pocket provides the perfect tools for the job.

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Complex use of Selections calls for robust tools. Turbo-charge your workflow and make your life easier with these three advanced options.

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Adjust the Selection mask visibility settings for more translucent selections.

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