Procreate® Pocket Handbook


Stretch, move, and manipulate any part your image for fast and easy edits.

Interface and Gestures

Learn the basics: rotate, flip, fit to screen and make magnetic adjustments. Use touch shortcuts to nudge, zoom and pan, plus tweak image interpolation for crisp scaling results.

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Use Procreate Pocket’s Freeform Transform mode to scale and rotate content.

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Uniform Transform swiftly moves, scales, and rotates your layers. Uniform Transform does this while perfectly preserving your original image proportions.

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Distort creates convincing 3D, tilt, and angled effects in a snap.

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Fold and wrap your artwork in mind-bending dimensions with Warp.

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Snapping helps keep your transformations aligned when moving an object. It also helps keep objects in proportion when re-sizing.

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There's more than one way to interpolate a pixel. Here's where you can fine-tune the engine behind the Transform tool.

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