Procreate® Handbook

3D Painting

3D Painting takes Procreate to a new dimension with the ability to paint directly onto imported 3D models. Handcraft your own texture maps and then light them, export them, or even bring them to life in AR.


Import a 3D model to paint on like a canvas using layers with a clean and simple interface.

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Before you start 3D Painting in Procreate it may help to understand the basics of 3D modeling and painting.

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Interface & Gestures

3D Painting in Procreate looks similar to 2D, but there are some important differences to how the interface and gestures work. Familiarize yourself with these before jumping in and painting on your 3D model.

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Paint on 3D models without affecting the original textures using Layers. Move, edit, recolor and delete elements with total creative freedom. Break each layer down into its individual materials to work exclusively on color, metallics and roughness.

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Stretch, move, and manipulate selections and layers in 3D to make fast and easy edits.

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Lighting Studio

Put that final touch on your model before sharing it with the world. 3D Painting comes with a simple yet powerful Lighting Studio to set lighting and place your model in its ideal environment.

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Share your 3D creations with the world. Export as a model, image or video in a variety of useful formats.

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