Procreate® Handbook

Copy Paste Menu

Access the handy Copy Paste menu with a single gesture.

Copy Paste Menu Options

One handy shortcut gives you six vital options.

Access all the Copy Paste actions by dragging three fingers down the canvas.


Cut a layer or selection.

A classic clipboard function that removes a selection from your document and store it on the iOS clipboard. Once Cut, you can paste it elsewhere on your canvas, onto a different Procreate canvas, or into another app.


Copy a layer or selection.

Copy works the same way as Cut, without removing the selection from the original document.

Copy All

Copy your entire canvas.

Where Copy and Cut only affect one layer, Copy All copies the content of all visible layers as a single flattened image.


Duplicate the contents of the layer or active selection into a new layer.

This will Copy a layer's contents or active selection, leaving the original content in place and pasting a duplicate of the content as a new layer.

Cut & Paste

Perform Cut and Paste as one simple shortcut.

This will Cut the contents of the layer or active selection, removing the original content from its current layer and pasting it as a new layer.


Drop your Cut or Copied image into another document or app.

Once you Cut or Copy your image data, use Paste to drop it elsewhere on your current canvas. You can also Paste onto another canvas, or even into emails, chats, and other compatible apps.

Pro Tip

You can also access basic Copy Paste options via QuickMenu and the Actions > Add menu.