Procreate® Handbook


Explore the range of default Procreate fonts and iOS system fonts. Or, use your own favorite typefaces with easy import and Drag and Drop options.

Preinstalled Fonts

Get started right away using a wide range of pre-loaded fonts.

Procreate Fonts

Procreate ships with four default fonts.

The Procreate fonts are Eina, Impact, Jack Armstrong BB and Smiley Sans.

Eina is a neutral sans-serif font. This clean and readable typeface is perfect for simple and serious use.

Impact is a bold, attention-getting font ideal for headers and signage.

Jack Armstrong BB is a playful comic inspired font. It's designed for comic letters and casual design.

Smiley Sans is a flexible and robust condensed, oblique typeface that works using both English and Simplified Chinese characters.

iOS System Fonts

Procreate gives you access to every font in iOS.

Your iPad comes with almost a hundred built-in fonts you can use in your art and design. These typefaces range from playful to professional. They include cursive, capitalized, handwritten and type-based. The number of fonts available varies depending on which version of iOS is on your device.

Browse Fonts

Preview every font available on your iPad with a quick scroll through the Font list.

To view the fonts available, add some Text to your document. Go to the Edit Text panel, and look through the Font list. The listed Fonts are in alphabetical order.

The name of each font in the list also displays the appearance of the font. You can see what each font looks like by scrolling through the list.

Alternately, tap any font in the Font list to see it applied to your selected Text.

Import Fonts

Discover the different ways to import your own fonts into Procreate.

You can import fonts through Procreate’s interface. You can also use AirDrop, the Files App, drag-and-drop, or bulk import your favorite fonts.

Procreate can import TTC, TTF, and OTF files.

Heads Up

If your font downloads as a ZIP file, you must unzip it to import it into Procreate.

Edit Text interface

Import fonts from within Procreate.

Tap Actions > Add > Add Text. Once you’ve edited your text to your liking, tap Edit Style > Import Font.

You can now browse through the Files app to the folder where you saved your font. Tap it to import it, and it will appear in the Fonts list in Procreate.

Drag and Drop

Drag a font from your iPad Files app and into Procreate.

Open the iOS Files app in Split View. Navigate to your fonts folder, and Drag and Drop your chosen font from Files into Procreate. It will appear in the Fonts list.

Files App

Download a font to Files and drag it into the Procreate Fonts folder.

Open the iOS Files app. Navigate to your fonts folder, then tap and hold your chosen font. With another finger, tap On My iPad > Procreate > Fonts. This is where Procreate stores all imported fonts. Drop your font into this folder to install it.

Pro Tip

Delete fonts from Procreate by removing them from this folder.


AirDrop a font from your Apple computer to Procreate.

Make sure AirDrop is active on both your computer and iPad.

On your computer, open Finder and navigate to your font files. Select one or more font files.

Control-click on them and select Share > AirDrop, then select your iPad from the list.

A popup window will appear asking where to open the file. Select Procreate from the list.

Your font file will immediately appear in the Font section of the Edit Text interface, ready for use.