Procreate® Handbook


Distort creates convincing 3D, tilt, and angled effects in a snap.


After activating Transform, touch and drag one finger to move the layer or selection.

Touch and drag anywhere on the canvas - inside or outside the bounding box - to move your content.

Pro Tip

Tap anywhere outside the bounding box to nudge your selection in that direction in increments.


Create instant perspective by painting an object as though you’re looking at it straight ahead. Distort it into a receding angle to mimic a three-dimensional surface.

Tap the Distort button in the Transform toolbar. Drag any corner node to begin your transformation.

Pro Tip

You can also Distort an object from Freeform mode. Press and hold a corner node. You’ll see a Distort notification at the top of the screen. Distort mode is only active as long as you keep your finger held down. When you lift your finger, you’ll return to Freeform mode.


Angle an object or create the appearance of depth with Shear.

To shear an object while in Transform mode, tap the Distort button in the Transform toolbar. Drag any side node.

To restrict the Shear’s movement to a single axis, tap Magnetics on.