Procreate® Pocket Handbook

Drawing Guides and Assistance

Procreate Pocket’s array of Drawing Guides and assistive tools frees you to focus on the big picture. Use handy Drawing Assist, Perspective, Symmetry, and the instant perfection of QuickShape.


Create a wide array of Drawing Guides to help you build the structure of your artwork. Activate a guide, choose the functions you need, and tweak how it looks.

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2D Grid

2D Grids keep your work in proportion. This squared grid is ideal for building two-dimensional shapes. And, with Drawing Assist on, 2D Grids help keep your strokes aligned.

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Isometric Guide

Isometric Guides give you the power to add a third dimension to your creations. This is ideal for engineering, architecture, and other technical graphics.

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Perspective Guide

Perspective Guides offer adjustable vanishing points. Use these to construct realistic objects and backgrounds in your artwork.

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Symmetry Guide

Symmetry guides mirror your art across multiple planes for mind-bending effects.

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Drawing Assist

Create technically accurate drawings while Procreate Pocket does the heavy lifting. Drawing Assist matches your strokes to the Drawing Guide you’ve chosen so your work flows faster.

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QuickShape snaps hand-drawn lines and shapes into perfect forms in the blink of an eye.

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