Procreate® Handbook


Exercise fine control over every part of your image by placing each element on a separate layer.

New Layer

Add new layers to your project to separate out different elements of your artwork. Give your layers custom names to keep things organized.


To add a new layer to your artwork, press the + button at the top right of the Layers Panel. This will add a new layer above the active layer.

New Private Layer

Insert a File or Photo as a Private Layer. This layer won’t appear in your Gallery previews or Time-lapse replay and video.

Private layers won't reveal reference images or other content you don't want in your final artwork. A Private Layer does this without having to delete or turn off that layer in your file. A Private Layer works like a regular layer in all aspects. The only difference is it won't appear in a Gallery preview image, exported Time-lapse video or replay.

Find out more on how Private Layers work in the Actions > Add section.

Background Color

Build your work up on the background color of your choice. Or, switch the background off to create transparency.

Add Color

When you create a new artwork, the Background Color layer is white by default.

In the Layers panel, tap the Background Color layer to invoke the Color Panel. Here you can select a new color for the background of your artwork. Tap Done to exit the Color Panel.

Transparent Background

Need to create a piece with transparent elements? Tap the Visibility Checkbox on the right side of the Background Color. This will switch the background color off.