Procreate 4.1: Liquify, Symmetry, Warp, and more.

Press Release July 11, 2018

This update delivers a host of major features requested by creative professionals. Featuring advanced Symmetry drawing, Image Liquify, Warp Transform, customisable Drawing Guides, Layer Select gestures, and 25 new gesture controls, Procreate 4.1 is designed to give more freedom and power to industry creatives.

More power, more control, more fun - Black Hole by Stephane Bourez

Procreate’s new Liquify filter is powered by Metal 2 and delivers astounding GPU-accelerated performance. Manipulation of pixels at 120 fps allows for incredibly fluid effects. Because it's designed and developed specifically for iPad, you can interact intuitively with touch, or use Apple Pencil pressure for even more control. Artists can Push, Pull, Expand, Pinch, and Twirl their art, and use the live Reconstruct feature to tweak their changes to perfection.

Powerful Liquify filter - Free Ride by Mikko Eerola

The new Symmetry Drawing Guide allows users to mirror strokes as they paint, resulting in a fantastically efficient workflow for character or industrial design. Customise your Symmetry Guide in half, quadrant, or radial division, with mirror or rotational modes. Paint, smudge, or erase with any brush, or use Symmetry in conjunction with Liquify or ColorDrop for never-before-seen creations.

Advanced Symmetry drawing - The Door by Bastien Grivet

Procreate’s groundbreaking Perspective tools have been massively expanded to include 2D and Isometric Guides. Accurate control over grid measurements lets customers create the exact guide they need, and the added power of Drawing Assist snaps lines to the guide for fast, precise sketches.

Procreate 4.1 gives even more power and control to artists. This update is also another step in our overall roadmap, which aims to free creative professionals from the desktop with our trademark focus on design and raw GPU performance.

James Cuda, CEO & Co-Founder, July 11, 2018

Procreate 4.1 also brings the new Warp Transform mode, with phenomenal GPU performance. With up to 16 adjustable nodes and intuitive depth layering, Warp can be used in conjunction with the Freeform and Distort Transform modes for precise and powerful changes.

New Warp Transform - Forest Friends by Sam Nassour

The new Layer Select gesture option allows artists to select a layer simply by touching the layer’s content. Switch to the exact layer you need without leaving the canvas to create faster than ever before.

Procreate 4.1 also includes Brush Set import and export, a 30-Second Time-lapse export option, a color invert option for layers, and a host of small improvements.

Procreate 4.1 has added some really powerful tools, but what I love most is just how fun they are. Using Symmetry with Liquify, Smudge, and ColorDrop means you can make really gorgeous designs in minutes.

Claire d’Este, Procreate Lead Engineer, July 11, 2018

Procreate 4.1 is the latest feature update for the most powerful sketching, painting, and illustration app ever designed for iPad. Procreate 4.1 is a free update for existing users, US $9.99 for new customers, and it's available exclusively through the App Store. We think you'll love it.

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