Tips & Tricks December 8, 2020

Take your animation to the next level with Danni Fisher-Shin.

We love Danni Fisher-Shin here at Procreate. Her strong female character designs are playful yet empowering and her relaxed yet professional approach makes her a natural educator, not to mention a wonderful person. When Procreate heard Danni was putting together an animation class for Skillshare excitement levels were high!

Danni Fisher-Shin

Animating in Procreate: Simple Steps to Create Awesome Animations is broken down into 16 easy-to-understand lesson covering how to use Animation Assist along with a range of cell animation fundamentals such as sketching out keyframes, filling in-between frames, adding secondary animations and much more.

Every step is easily to follow and comes with tasks for you to complete before moving onto the next. The best bit being Danni breaking down her approach to creating a natural looking walk cycle animation, one of the trickier areas in animation. While these lessons can be applied to all sorts of animation tasks, to see a professional animator like Danni break down a complex subject such as a walk cycle into simple steps and making it achievable for beginners is magical.

Discover Animation Assist step-by-step

Coming in at over an hour, the class is good value. None of the lesson are any longer than 10 minutes, so it is easy put down and pick back up again if you don’t want to binge the entire class in a single sitting. And once you get swept up in drawing and animating, we can guarantee you won’t want to rush it. As Danni says, ‘There’s something so satisfying about being able to create something that actually moves like you see in movies or TV. And I think that is really exciting, and something that everyone should be able to try out.’

Everyone at Procreate who has run through Danni’s lesson has got more than a few things out of it, and we know Animation Assist quiet well. You can find Animating in Procreate: Simple Steps to Create Awesome Animation over at Skill Share along with 1000s of other useful and informative classes across a huge range of subjects. Plus if you aren’t already signed up, you can enjoy a free trial for your first two weeks.