What’s new in Procreate 5.2

Procreate 5.2

Another breakthrough for artists.

Procreate 5.2 brings you Stroke Stabilization, 3D Model Painting, Page Assist, a suite of accessibility features, and even more layers and resolution for M1s and compatible iPads.

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Stroke Stabilization

Super smooth.

Inking has never felt so effortless as you create, smooth bold lines and gorgeously tapered strokes. Build stroke and pressure smoothing right into your brush, or across all of your strokes for a professional result every time.

3D Model Painting

Paint in 3D.

Transform 3D Model surfaces into stunning works of art with all the precision of Apple Pencil. Add adjustments, effects and with materials brushes, add gloss and reflectivity to really make your work shine.


Procreate introduces exclusive accessibility features, reimagined to be powerful, beautiful, and joyful for all artists.

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Page Assist

Transform your iPad into a Sketchbook.

Turn on Page Assist to view all your ideas in one easy to navigate sketchbook. Perfect for creating storyboards, comics, or just for getting your ideas down as fast they flow.

  • PDF Import

    Import PDFs conveniently into Procreate — flip through, annotate and export. Use Apple Pencil for the most natural mark up experience on iPad.

  • QuickMenu Gestures

    Make navigating Page Assist as quick as a flick by activating the new Next and Previous Page actions in QuickMenu.

Recent Brushes

Pick up where you left off.

All of your most recently used brushes are now just a tap away. Recent Brushes automatically populates with your last used brushes, plus you can pin your favorites so they’re always available.

Three new languages

  • มิติใหม่

  • nowe wymiary

  • नए आयाम


Brush Size Memory

Perfect size every time.

Save your exact brush size and opacity with just a single tap. Creatives, tattoo artists and inkers can now keep every line beautifully even and consistent as you save up to four size or opacity memories within any brush across paint, smudge and erase.

Feature packed

So much more.

Procreate 5.2 has even more features like the new Adjustments interface, customizable onion skins, Group Select, Color History for even more iPads, updated Inking and Material brushes, and much more.

Procreate for iPad

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