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We want to help you get the most out of Procreate. Find answers to your questions with these advanced settings and helpful resources.

Restore Purchases

Restore purchases made in older versions of Procreate.

Procreate doesn’t currently offer in-app purchases, but it has in the past.

​To restore any purchases attached ​to your account after reinstalling Procreate or moving to a ​new device. Tap Actions > Help > Restore Purchases.

Advanced Settings

Adjust advanced Procreate settings under the hood in the iPad Settings app.

You can adjust most settings from inside Procreate. Some settings are fundamental to how Procreate’s touch responses interact with iOS. To adjust these you need to head to the iOS setting for Procreate. Tap Actions > Help > Advanced Settings to go to iOS Settings. From here you can adjust these core functions.

Allow Access

Toggle which iOS apps Procreate can access.

Allow or deny Procreate access to Photos app, Bluetooth, the inbuilt camera, Siri, and Document Storage.

Some of these permissions are important to Procreate's functionality. For example, you will not be able to export an image from Procreate into Photos without allowing access. You can toggle access off and on anytime in Advanced Settings.

Pro Tip

To let other Apple devices access your Procreate files you can save them to iCloud Drive. To back up your artwork to iCloud Drive go to Gallery and tap Select. Then select all the artwork you wish to back up and tap Share > Procreate > Save to Files > iCloud Drive and select the folder you wish to store your files in.

Procreate Settings

Tweak basic Procreate functionality.

Canvas Orientation Memory

Switch this on to make Procreate remember which way you left your canvas oriented.

Fit Canvas Inside Interface

Toggle whether you prefer your canvas to be overlaid by Procreate’s interface or to fit inside it.

Disable Time-Lapse

This toggle turns Time-lapse Video recording for your creations on or off.

Simplified Undos

Toggle whether Undo remembers steps within modes separately, or combined them into a single step. An example of this would be if you perform a series of Transformations on selected content. If you then commit those transformations, Procreate can remember every individual step of the process. Or, it can also remember only the outcome of the transformation.

Simplified Undos are on by default. This means Procreate doesn’t remember individual steps within a mode. It also means Procreate has the space to remember more Undo steps. This allows you to reach further back over the creation of your work when performing Undo.

Maximum Speed Distance

Determine the distance a stroke must travel before its Speed registers as 100%. If you find that brushes with speed-based settings are too sudden or sluggish for you. This is the setting to try changing for better results.

Drag and Drop Export

Set the preferred file format and image format for Drag and Drop exports.

Support and Community

Access video tutorials, 3D Models to paint on and send questions to Customer Support. Create a Procreate Folio to share your work, and send us your feedback.

What’s New?

Discover new features in Procreate 5.2, and download a Model pack containing 3D models for you to paint on.

‘What’s New?’ runs you through some of the Procreate 5.2 stand out features in a short video presentation. At the end of the presentation you’ll be prompted to Start using Procreate.

Model Pack

Procreate includes to a Model pack full of 3D objects ready for you to paint on. In What’s New? you’ll find a Model pack download button, tap this to download the Model pack and access the 3D files from your Gallery.

Tapping any of the 3D Model files will open them and activate 3D Painting.

To access What’s New? at any time tap Actions > Help > What’s New?

Procreate Handbook & Get started with Procreate

Short YouTube tutorials that give you all the tricks and tips you need to level up your art.

The Handbook gives you the ‘what’ of Procreate. Learn to Procreate gives you the ‘how’.

The Procreate Handbook covers off every feature in Procreate and how to use them. It is the best place to start when you have a Procreate question.

To access the Handbook from within Procreate tap Actions > Help > Procreate Handbook. This will open a browser and take you to the Handbook.

Get started with Procreate links to the official video tutorial series that deep-dives into Procreate's capabilities one feature at a time. Each video runs for a minute or two. They're a great way to boost your digital art technique and learn how to get the most out of Procreate.

For beginners, there is also a Beginners Series that takes you through all the basics you need to get started creating art and animation in Procreate.

To explore the Beginners Series and the full playlist of tutorials, tap Actions > Help > Get started with Procreate.

Pro Tip

The Beginners Series also comes with a full set of workbooks for those that want to use it for educational purposes. You can download these from the Procreate Education site.

Customer Support

Explore our FAQs, ask the community on the Forums, or contact our helpful Support team.

The Procreate Support page offers several options to help you find the answers you need.

Start with a visit to Procreate’s searchable Frequently Asked Questions. If your query isn’t answered there, try the Help & Support section of the Forums for the information you need. If you’re still stuck, our friendly Support team is here to help you out.

Tap Actions > Help > Customer Support to reach a landing page for all your support needs.

Procreate Folio

Join a vibrant community of Procreate artists. Reach out and share your creations with the world.

The Procreate Showcase is an online gallery of artworks created in Procreate. Artists gather to share, like and comment. This is the perfect spot to find inspiration in the community’s creativity.

To join Procreate’s art community and build your online portfolio, tap Actions > Help > Procreate Folio.

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Tell us what you think with an App Store review.

If you’ve ever wanted to share your thoughts with us, leaving a review is a great way to show support.

Tap Actions > Help > Leave a review to jump to the App Store. We love hearing from you!