Beginners Series

Learn with Procreate

Beginners Series

Whether teaching yourself or others, the Beginners Series is your resource for discovering the fundamentals of Procreate. Get to grips with brushes, tools, gestures and more in this easy and practical series.

A great place to start.

Start creating digital art right away with this four-part series as it walks you step-by-step through Procreate's essential tools and features. The Beginners Series empowers you with all the skills you'll need to discover the basics of digital art and your own creative potential.

Part One

The Fundamentals

Learn your way around Procreate and start creating digital art right away with basic tools like brush, color, and gestures.

Part Two

Painting Tools

Got the basics down? Delve deeper into Procreate's colors, brushes, layers, and effects as you create a beautiful night scene.

Part Three

Editing Tools

Take your new found skills and discover how they work with Procreate's editing tools. Learn how to transform, select, adjust, and use actions while making a simple, but stunning intergalactic artwork.

Part Four

Actions & Animation

Unlock the power of the Actions menu to insert images, use drawing guides, and discover Animation Assist - an animation tool so simple anyone can use it.