On the cutting edge

Breaking new ground.

Procreate always embraces new ideas, invents new tools and creates new ways for artists to work. With revolutionary features such as QuickShape, Animation Assist, StreamLine and more, Procreate continually sets the standard in the creative industry.

Creative Potential

Pencil Filters For the first time you can use any brush to paint in adjustments and effects exactly where you want.

Complete control

Take full advantage of Pencil’s tilt, pressure and accuracy to paint, smudge, delete and control your filters.

Simply moving

Animation Assist.

Animation Assist, featuring onion skinning and instant playback, makes bringing your work to life easy. Now anyone can make animatics, looping GIFs and storyboards in no time. And because you're working in an entire art studio, you can create seriously polished animation too.

A better paint bucket


Quick, intuitive and efficient. Touch the color icon or any swatch in a Palette, drag and drop on the canvas to fill any area. Drop and hold to engage fill threshold. One simple gesture controls it all.

Drawn to perfection


Procreate helps you to achieve the perfect shape in realtime, every time. Because of QuickShape's design, it's always ready and you can even fine-tune the shape before you continue on. No menus, modes or buttons, just perfect geometry whenever you need it.

Serious perspective

Drawing Guides.

Set up your choice of Perspective Guides, Symmetry guides, 2D or Isometric grids. Then enable Drawing Assist for an artistic superpower that allows you to draw perfect perspective and symmetrical drawings. So fast, so accurate, so simple.

Drawing Assist

Turn Drawing Assist on to streamline your workflow and snap every stroke to the set Drawing Guides.

Work faster not harder


Access six customizable menu buttons at the press and hold of a finger. Once assigned, simply flick in the direction of that button to execute your action in the blink of an eye.

Time-lapse Replay relive the creative process and see every single stroke bring your artwork to life in a beautiful time-lapse of your work.

Perfect lines every time


Just add some StreamLine to a brush and watch as Procreate stabilizes and streamlines your strokes for silky smooth curves and lines. StreamLine can help anyone look like a professional inker or calligrapher.

Game changing brushes

Dual Texture system.

Digital brushes hadn't changed in 30 years until Procreate revolutionized the industry with the simple but powerful Shape + Grain system. Procreate places the texture of the grain into the brushes shape, and then gives you an unprecedented amount of control never before seen in a digital brush.

Flexible selection

Freehand Selection.

Often imitated, the Procreate Freehand Selection took the best of polygonal and lasso selection tools and transformed them into the most easy-to-use, flexible selection tool ever.

Harness the power of gestures to make your workflow more immediate and natural.

Totally transformed

Free the Bounding Box.

Free yourself from the limitations of traditional Transforming by rotating the bounding box around any object to scale and stretch it from any orientation. Why hasn’t Transform always worked like this?

New Companions

Procreate on your face.

Now you can paint directly onto your face without all the mess. See your FacePaint update live and even play your animations. Perform, record and share with your fans.

Reference Companion

Always keep your composition in focus while you paint in the details. Import a reference image that will stay by your side; ready to provide inspiration and colors.

Take our Two-Finger Undo

Let’s collaborate. Feel free to implement everybody’s favorite iPad short cut into your software.

Grab a copy of our Two-Finger Undo source code from the link below.

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