Procreate Pocket

Sketch. Paint. Create.

iPhone App of the year

Complete Control

Edit, customize or create brushes to produce stunning results. Experience more control than ever with the new Valkyrie engine.

Art Transformed

Manipulate your work with advanced warp meshes, bounding box adjust and snapping, making working on iPhone easy and precise.

What's new

Pack your pockets.

Procreate Pocket packs everything you love about Procreate on the iPad into your iPhone. Sketch on the bus, on the couch or anywhere you like – creativity has never been so achievable.

The World of Color

Capture the colours around you and put them in your Pocket for later. Explore Color Harmony or instantly add, remove and change colors using Selection Color Fill.

Adjustments & filters

The perfect finish.

Adding that final touch has never been easier with new Halftone, Chromatic Aberration, Bloom and more. Or, add a whole new dimension of color to your work with a single touch with Gradient Map.

Artistic Superpowers

Power at your

  • ColorDrop

    Pick any color and drag it onto the canvas to fill an area. Control threshold with a single gesture. Filling with ColorDrop is so easy it'll become second nature.

  • QuickShape

    Achieve the perfect shape each and every time. Draw the shape you want, hold and let QuickShape do the rest.

It's your move

Animation Assist is easy to learn with more than enough depth to produce professional results. Record every stroke from start to finish with Time-lapse and up your social media game.

Fit more in your pocket

Only on iPhone.

Made and optimized only for iPhone, Procreate Pocket is a complete digital art studio that’s ready to use when and wherever you are.

Procreate Pocket

No subscriptions. Just exclusively from the App Store.