Procreate 3d

3D Model Painting

An entirely new way to paint.

Finishing 3D Models has never been this intuitive or this fun. With all the power of Procreate’s brush engine you can create truly gorgeous textures. Handcraft your own texture maps and then light them, export them, or even bring them to life in AR.

Take Procreate’s industry-leading brushes, adjustments and effects into an entirely new dimension of creativity.


A new standard.

Automatic Transform keeps your content snapped to the model’s surface using familiar 2D gestures. For greater control or more complex surfaces switch to Advanced mode.


Make your brushes shine.

Paint with Color, Metallics and Roughness all at once with Material brushes. Isolate individual materials and apply effects and adjustments, transform, smudge, paint or erase. Any normal and ambient occlusion materials from your model will also be respected.

Lighting Studio

Highlight your creativity.

View your painted 3D model in its best light. Use up to four lights and over ten lighting environments to achieve the perfect atmosphere. You can even adjust the color, position and intensity of each light source.

View in AR

Seeing is believing.

Bring your painted 3D models to life using the power of Augmented Reality to let your clients explore every angle of your design.

3D Sharing

Industry ready.

Share your latest 3D creation as an eye-catching image or animated video. Export your painted model as a USDZ or OBJ with all its textures intact. Ready for professional game and movie workflows.

Procreate for iPad

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