Accessibility in Procreate.

Accessible creativity

Art is for everyone.

Procreate focuses on making it easier to draw and interact with the canvas, see or discover labels and colors, and keep your attention focused on your art.

Motion filtering

Stroke of genius.

Procreate includes a groundbreaking new stabilization method, Motion Filtering. Inspired by audio processing, the advanced Motion Filtering algorithms help to smooth the result of tremors or shakes to help your brushes behave the way you want them to.

Single touch gestures

The power of touch.

Turn two finger gestures into a Single Touch. Move, zoom and rotate your canvas all with a single touch, or fit to canvas without needing to pinch.

Larger text

Be bolder.

More than text, set a larger size that’s perfect for you and Procreate dynamically scales the interface with it. Bigger sliders, thumbnails and buttons makes Procreate more usable for more artists.


Discover your color.

We all see color differently, but some see color a lot differently than others. Activating Color Naming Notifications to instantly display the name and shade of any color you’re viewing.

  • Color Descriptions

    Turn your Eyedropper into a convenient color reader. See every individual color’s name described as you slide your finger around the canvas.

  • Larger Palettes

    Easier to see, easier to use. Enjoy bigger swatches with descriptive color naming using Color Cards in Palettes. Name your favorite shades whatever you like with customizable swatch titles.

Customizable onion skins

See through time.

Red and green not your thing? Select customizable onion skin colors you can see more clearly and work best for you.

Seamless integration

iPadOS Accessibility Support

iPadOS comes with extensive accessibility settings that Procreate seamlessly integrates to give artists a better user experience.

  • VoiceOver.

    Hear menus and navigation described to you as VoiceOver narrates your every move.

  • Reduced Motion.

    Sensitive to iPadOS’ effects and animations? Turn them off for a more enjoyable Procreate experience.

Procreate for iPad

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