Color in Procreate

The full gamut.

Procreate empowers artists with industry-leading color selecting options and manipulation tools. Whether you're capturing, selecting or just playing around, the perfect option is at your fingertips and ready to use.

Color Companion

Easy color selection is always within reach with Color Companion. Detach your Color Panel to sit above your canvas so it's ready when you are to find that perfect shade.

Gradient Map

Bold and beautiful.

Add drama or change the mood in seconds with Gradient Map. See your work through another prism with a library of gorgeous gradients, or customize and create your own from scratch.

ColorDrop floods your work with bold color instantly with the drag of a finger. Use Recolor to add more selections, see the results instantly all with a live preview.

HSB, Curves & Color Balance

Mix, master, manipulate.

Take your art to the next level with industry-standard color adjustment tools. Adjust Hue, Saturation and Brightness or expertly tweak your Color Balance. Experiment with Curves over a helpful histogram, or Recolor your image with ease.

Color Names

Discover your color.

Palettes have never been so flexible. Build up a bank of your favorite swatches or capture them straight from your camera, then view them as Compact or Cards, with the names of every shade. Customize swatch names for the ultimate personalized palette.

  • Color Descriptions

    Turn your Eyedropper into a convenient color reader. See every individual color's name described as you slide your fingers around the canvas.

  • Larger Palettes

    Easier to see, easier to use. Enjoy bigger swatches with descriptive color naming using Color Cards in Palettes. Name your favourite shades whatever you like with customizable swatch titles.

The Full Spectrum

Color Dynamics turn your brush into a kaleidoscope of changing colors, saturation and brightness.

Palette Capture

Capture the world.

See some colors you love? Use your iPad’s camera to instantly turn them into a swatch palette. Create custom palettes from your environment, your Photos library, or any of your favorite existing Adobe® ACO and ASE palettes.

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