Procreate Dreams

Edit. Animate. Create.

Procreate Dreams is an animation app packed with powerful tools that anyone can use. Create rich 2D animations, expressive videos, and breathtaking stories on iPad.

Apple Design Awards 2024 Winner
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Procreate Dreams has everything you need to create rich 2D animations, expressive videos, and breathtaking stories.


Find more room to draw with Flipbook.

Flip effortlessly between frames as you draw full-screen with onion skins.

Draw & paint

All the brushes you know and love.

Bring gorgeous texture to your animations with all your favorite Procreate brushes and more resolution than ever before.


Now anyone can animate. Record motion or effects through touch and respond instantly to the movie as it plays.

Start to finish

Everything you need to animate.

For the first time you can draw, animate, edit, and composite in a powerful animation studio you can take everywhere.

Timeline Edit

Select and group content with Apple Pencil to apply bulk actions and edits.

Onion Skins

Tailor colors, opacity and more to clearly see your frames and maximize your workflow.


Quickly add keyframes for precise motion graphics and cinematic animations.


Animate titles, credits and annotations with the full power of Live Motion & Filters.

Audio & video

Edit video and enrich with sound.

Bring your animations to life with dramatic voice overs, atmospheric music and sound effects.

High-resolution video

Perform lightning-fast edits as you work on up-to 4K ProRes footage on supported devices.

Multi-touch Timeline

A revolutionary timeline made for animation, with fluid gestures that keep you focused on creating.

Instant playback

As fast as you can move.

  • Live motion & effects.

    Experiment and play with color, motion and effects, and adjust anytime.

  • Real-time rendering.

    Get more time for creativity. Instantly play back your movie as you make edits.


Set the scene.

Create massive sets for characters to come to life, all in a single project. Draw beyond the Stage or keep elements Backstage until the perfect moment. Focus in on the details with simple pinch gestures to zoom, pan, and rotate around the stage.

File format of the future.

The new Procreate file format is made for the next generation of Procreate products. All your assets are bundled into one file made for iCloud synchronization and backups.


Made for iPad & Apple Pencil

The Perfect Match.

From the leading developers for iPad, Procreate Dreams once again delivers an unmatched experience for touch and Apple Pencil. Experience natural, responsive painting, supercharged timeline editing and more.

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Procreate Dreams

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