Meet Procreate 4, Featuring Layer Masks and an All New Painting Engine.

Press Release September 19, 2017

Learn about Silica-M, new features, and how Procreate 4 was built for iOS 11.

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Procreate 4 is our biggest release ever

Built for iOS 11 and powered by an entirely new Metal painting engine, our goal for this release was to truly improve the Procreate experience – not just cram more stuff in and put a higher number on the box. There's a trend in our industry to throw in endless features, and forget why customers loved the software to begin with. Procreate 4 is about celebrating our core functionality and making sure your sketching or painting experience is faster, easier, and more reliable.

Meet Procreate 4 - Autumn Dance by Goro Fujita.

Although this was our focus, that's not to say there are no new features. In fact, we have some of the biggest features we've ever done - like an entirely new painting engine. When Procreate 1.0 launched in 2011, it led the way with the breakthrough graphically accelerated painting engine: Silica. Powered by OpenGL it was fast, responsive and flexible.

Improved brush engine and interface - Clovers by Nikolai Lockertsen.

Now we're introducing a momumental change to the heart of Procreate. Built entirely with Metal, our new painting engine – Silica M – allows for incredible new effects and possibilities, but also makes your existing brushes feel more dynamic and responsive. The same goes for the rebuilt Procreate Gallery, which loads your artworks more quickly, allows you to arrange them more easily, and serves as a solid base to build more advanced functionality in future.

Artists will pick up Procreate 4 and find everything is way faster, tools are easier to find and access, and the interface is much more polished. There are beautiful new wet painting effects, pencils and sketching have been completely overhauled, and the improvements to Smudge make the tool almost unrecognisable.

We've implemented Layer Masks to give artists more tools for a non-destructive workflow, P3 Wide Colour for more vibrant palettes, and we're removing all in-app purchases. That means everything Procreate has to offer is included in one purchase. No subscriptions or hidden costs. Plus, if you've ever bought Procreate before, this update is totally free.

Fully compatible with iOS 11 including Drag and Drop.

iOS 11 was another major consideration for this update. New capabilities like Drag and Drop are huge, and we believe this will change the way artists use Procreate forever. Sharing artwork once took multi-step import/export dialogues - but it's now as simple as dragging a file into Photos, Mail, the new Files app, or anywhere else you might want to put an image.

When it came to redesigning our interface, we paid respect to our heritage by building on all the features artists already love. We made existing tools and features easier to use, while also ensuring the new ones felt like they always belonged there. Even though nearly every pixel in the Procreate interface has been changed, experienced Procreate artists will still feel at home.

Color panel redesigned for more efficiency - Neon by Asuka111.

When you open Procreate for the first time after updating you'll notice things look a little different - and once you start using it, you'll find that everything feels better, smoother, and more refined.

We've been working on this update for almost an entire year now, and the whole team is so excited for customers to finally use it for themselves on September 19.

Procreate 4 is a free update for existing users, US $9.99 for new customers, and it's available exclusively through the App Store. We hope you love it.

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