Introducing Learn to Procreate, the bite-sized educational series.

Press Release September 14, 2018

We've just released the first videos in a continuing series of tiny tutorials, demonstrating some of Procreate's most important features and workflows. In each video, you'll be walked through the feature by Will Robinson, our in-house illustrator.

Learn to Procreate with Will Robinson

An experienced artist, Will has a strong graphic novel style, and was the first artist outside Savage to use Procreate in its early development. Since then he's completed multiple commissions for us and become part of the team, and now he's the voice (and hands) of the new Learn to Procreate videos.

We'll be regularly releasing new videos, and we want to hear from you: which feature would you like to see demonstrated? Comment on the videos or use the #LearnToProcreate tag on social media to let us know, and your suggestion might be the topic of our next video.

This first video demonstrates one of Procreate's signature features, which has appeared in many other applications since we first launched it nearly three years ago: two-finger Undo.

To keep up-to-date with our Learn to Procreate series subscribe to our Procreate YouTube channel.

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