Savage Releases Procreate Pocket 2 with Huge Brush Library and Silica-M.

Press Release May 21, 2018

Meet Procreate Pocket 2: the most powerful sketching, painting, and illustration app ever designed for iPhone. Whether you’re creating a rough sketch, a detailed illustration, or anything in between, your complete artists’ toolbox now fits in your Pocket.

Procreate Pocket 2, completely redesigned for iPhone X and iOS 11

Featuring a beautiful new interface designed for iPhone X and iOS 11, 136 hand-made brushes, huge canvases of up to 8K, and an advanced layer system, Procreate Pocket 2 is an entirely new app, powered by the same industry-leading graphics engine that powers Procreate for iPad: Silica-M.

Silica-M is a custom built graphics engine from Savage, first introduced in Procreate 4 for iPad. Using Apple's Metal technology, it taps directly into the processing power of the GPU, allowing for blisteringly quick painting, smudging, and adjustments, and offering an incredibly solid base on which to build new features.

Thanks to the power of Silica-M, you can now paint with rich P3 colour depth, and an enormous library of brushes is included, from pencils and inks to wet painting and digital-only abstract effects. Smudge has been upgraded, now sampling 64 bits per pixel for incredible accuracy and fidelity, and the update also brings almost every Procreate feature from iPad, including ColorDrop, QuickLine, Perspective Guides, Layer Masks, custom brush creation, and much more.

Drifting, made in Procreate Pocket by Aaron Griffin

Procreate Pocket 2 is optimised for iOS 11 and iPhone X so artists can take full advantage of iPhone-specific technologies like 3D Touch for pressure-sensitive painting without the need for a Bluetooth-connected stylus, and haptic feedback throughout the app for a newly immersive creative experience.

We literally threw the Procreate Pocket 1.0 codebase away and started fresh. Every pixel and every line of code is new, and we're so happy to finally bring Silica-M to our iPhone users.

James Cuda, CEO & Co-Founder, May 20, 2018

Procreate Pocket 2 also ships with two new features not yet available on iPad: Brush Set export and import, and 30 second time-lapse export.

Brush Set export is one of the most requested features from Procreate brush makers, and allows artists to easily share their creations through online marketplaces, or expand their own libraries with thousands of custom brushes already available.

Treehouse, made in Procreate Pocket by Alexandra Zutto

Procreate's existing time-lapse feature records every change to an artwork as a single frame of video without any impact on performance. The new 30 second export feature uses a custom built algorithm to remove non-essential frames from any time-lapse and offers a shortened version, perfect for sharing on social media.

One of our biggest ongoing goals is to help artists make a living from their work. Reducing the time required for importing and exporting individual brushes or editing videos allows more time for creativity - and these features are just the tip of the iceberg. We can’t wait to show you what else we have planned for 2018 and 2019!

Matt Meskell, PR & Artist Liaison, May 20, 2018

Procreate is the leading creative application for professionals working on iPad, and Procreate Pocket 2 brings the same combination of power and elegance to iPhone, enabling artists to create wherever they are. It’s a free update for existing users, US $4.99 for new customers, and it's available exclusively through the App Store.

We hope you love it, and we can’t wait to see what you create.

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