Take our Undo Gesture!

Behind the Scenes December 7, 2018

We think Procreate's Undo gesture is one of the best things we've ever made. Apple highlighted it as an exceptional user experience when Procreate Pocket was lucky enough to win iPhone App of the Year 2018, and it's one of our most beloved features. It's simple, fast, and takes full advantage of multi-touch.

There are plenty of UI interactions we've had to learn, but they've become second nature. We only had to see someone pinch-zoom a touchscreen once to immediately understand it. Our undo/redo tap gestures are the same - and it's not just us saying it.

Two-finger tap to Undo has become one of Procreate's most instinctive and essential gestures.

It's also one of our most-stolen features (over a dozen apps and counting), and we're fine with that. In fact, we’re giving it away. Seriously. We've put together a sample project covered by the Simplified BSD License, which means you can add to or modify it as you wish.

Whether you're one of our competitors, or in an entirely different field, please feel free to grab the project below. Take it, use it, and give your users the most instinctive Undo and Redo method available.

Everything you need to implement your own version of Procreate's Undo and Redo gestures is included in this project.

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