International Women's Day.

Behind the Scenes March 8, 2019

Savage began in 2010 in a family home. Plenty of companies start out in the home, and plenty more begin as family businesses. But few of them end up feeling more like a family as they grow. Yet that’s exactly what Savage has become: a family.

We have our founders Alanna and James Cuda to thank for that. From the beginning, Alanna contributed empathy, insight and integrity to our strategic vision. As we grew from two people to twenty, those values kept us on the path we tread to this day: Savage doesn’t take the easy way. We take the right way.

One of the best parts of having a guiding star like Alanna at the heart of our company is that the environment she shaped draws in others like her - people who are passionate about building something great.

Clockwise from top left: Alanna Cuda, Jess Tracy, Tania Walker, Aimee Stubley, Alison Faulks, Claire d'Este, Jess Clarke, and Georgie Holt.

That’s where our software engineers come in. Claire d’Este wrangles code and scheduling, guided by her diverse skillset of AI, robotics and screenwriting, and her drive to create work with real human impact. And Jess Clarke works hard to perfect Procreate’s user interface. Starting from designs conceived by James, she develops, finesses, and polishes each new iteration of the interface until everyone loves the result.

Together, Claire and Jess formed two thirds of the engineering team behind Procreate Pocket. They were instrumental in transforming an app with an uncertain future into a tiny powerhouse. Thanks to their hard work we were lucky enough to win Apple’s iPhone App of the Year award in 2018.

Families take care of each other, too. Alison Faulks handles the day-to-day needs of the Savage family. No challenge is too big - she’ll dive into everything from last minute international travel arrangements to organising major renovations. And we couldn’t get by without Jess Tracy, who works with Alanna to manage money and keep the books. She’s delighted to be part of such a supportive team of equals, and loves the days when ten different types of music pump at peak volume through the office.

Few things are more important to us than the connections we’ve made with our talented community of artists. Georgie Holt is deeply invested in the kind and helpful online community she helped create. She adores spending her days looking at gorgeous art and interacting with talented people all over the world. On our forums and social media, you’ll find Aimee Stubley supporting the community in the care and feeding of Procreate. She treats our artists with the same care she gives to her own friends.

Our community responds to Georgie’s social media campaigns and Aimee’s personal care with enthusiasm - over half a million artists are active on our social media today.

Writer Tania Walker knows the world runs on words, and gets her kicks by hacking them to oblivion in editing. She’s thrilled and humbled to work with so many amazing women.

Our success and continual growth is largely thanks to the contributions of our skilled people and their endless dedication to creating great things. We’re searching for more like them. If this sounds like you, please reach out - we’d love to hear from you.

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