Procreate Sponsors LightBox Expo.

Press Release July 19, 2019

Procreate invites artistsworldwide to join us at theLightBox Expo 2019.

LightBox Expo 2022 at the Pasadena Convention Center

Leading creative professionals will assemble this September 6-8th in Pasadena California for the inaugural LightBox Expo, forming one of the world's largest digital art events.

LBX will bring together the best artists in illustration, animation, gaming, and live-action under one roof for the ultimate celebration of art at the Pasadena Convention Center from September 6th to 8th. The first of what is intended to be an annual convention, LBX will offer artists the chance to share their work, collaborate, build new skills, share tricks and tips relevant to their specialities, and socialise in an inspirational environment to benefit the global creative community.

Leading art and illustration app Procreate is the Principal Sponsor of LBX.

"As one of the go-to tools for digital art creation, Savage's Procreate fits perfectly with our mission to give artists the exposure to education and tools for illustration of all forms," said Bobby Chiu, LBX's Creative Director. "The idea that Procreate will be on-site educating artists at all skill levels is exciting, and we can't wait to see what they bring to LightBox Expo!"

James Cuda, CEO of Savage, has been the key driver of the company's investment in LightBox Expo. "This is our biggest event yet in the USA. LBX gives us a whole new platform to achieve our purpose: providing artists with the tools and inspiration to bring more amazing art into the world," Cuda said. "We've worked hard on our involvement and our goal is to further support creatives through the experiences we're bringing with us: experiences designed to inspire, educate and arm artists with the world's best software for creative industries."

Accompanying Procreate to LBX are special guest artists Nikolai Lockertsen, Jarom Vogel, and Nicholas Kole. Along with other luminaries of the digital art world, they will be offering a range of interviews, talks, live drawing demonstrations, and workshops, all contributing to an unparalleled creative experience at LightBox.

“As always, we're looking forward to connecting with our current customers to support their use of Procreate,” Cuda said. “We’d love to meet artists from all walks of life, whether they’re already using Procreate, or are yet to give it a try. We want to encourage as many artists as we can to attend this event. It's going to be an amazing opportunity for the global art community to meet, mingle and learn."

Procreate will host three spaces at LBX. At the Procreate Booth in the exhibitors' hall, attendees can take the opportunity to try out Procreate with artists and developers on hand to answer questions and offer tips. The Panel Room is the site of live drawing demonstrations, educational and industry talks, Q&As, and workshops in which the special guest artists share tools and techniques by inviting all participants to 'draw along' with them as they teach. Finally, the Procreate Lounge is a relaxed space where visitors can stop by, get comfortable, pick up an iPad, and have an informal chat with the developers and guest artists.

James Cuda and the Procreate guest artists will also give talks on the LBX main stage and second stage throughout the event.

“We’ll be bringing along some surprises that we know our community will be keen to learn about and use,” Cuda said. “In the background, the Savage Team is doing the best work we’ve ever done, so rest assured we’re working toward some big announcements this year.”

Right now Savage’s lips are zipped - but at LBX in September, all will be revealed.

About the LBX Organizers

Bobby Chiu has been a professional artist for over twenty years, starting at the age of 17 designing Disney, Warner Bros., and Star Wars toys at Thinkway Toys in Toronto, Canada. He is the founder and creative director at Imaginism Studios located in Toronto. He is an acclaimed concept artist and character designer, winning an Emmy award for his creation of Niko and the Sword of Light. Some of his most well-known designs are the characters for Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass. He was a Master Award recipient at Exposé 3.

Bobby is also extremely passionate about teaching and education and is heavily involved in the artistic community. He continuously provides lectures at schools, workshops, and conventions. He also runs an online school known as Schoolism, for today’s evolving artist, and hosts a YouTube channel that is extremely educational and informative, providing artist interviews, tips, demos, and news.

Jim Demonakos has been active in the pop culture event industry for two decades. He is the founder of Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle, and he spent 15 years developing it into the premier event of every convention season. After stepping down from that role, he worked on events around the world including New York Comic-Con, Star Wars Celebration, Comic-Con Paris, and many more. Jim’s other projects have included co-writing the New York Times bestselling graphic novel The Silence of Our Friends, creating and manufacturing The Classic Comic Book Spinner Rack and running the largest chain of retail comic books stores in the Pacific Northwest.

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