Procreate launches new education initiative to help teachers.

Education July 15, 2020

Teachers truly are unsung heroes. We rely on them to shape young minds and instill curiosity along with a desire for learning that hopefully lasts a life time. But teaching can be tough, and if you asked teachers what they wish they had more of, most would answer both time and good teaching resources. With this in mind, the team at Procreate set about to see what we could do to help teachers engage kids in creative learning. Procreate’s aim was to deliver a set of useful educational tools and ideas that not only let kids express themselves while learning, but also help take a little pressure off the educators too.

Being a complete creative toolbox makes Procreate the ideal tool for all kinds of creative learning. By combining easy to understand how-to tutorials with engaging lessons, Procreate has developed a suite of Lesson Ideas to help teachers fire up their kids imaginations and kick off our Learn with Procreate initiative.

Lesson ideas like 'Create a Country' help makes learning engaging, fun and memorable.

Ranging from simple drawing lessons that explore the unique beauty of snowflakes to more advanced animation lessons demonstrating the physics of motion, these Lesson Ideas are tailored made to make learning with Procreate easy and fun. With an emphasis on flexible Lesson Ideas, rather than strict lesson plans — these are flexible enough to provide a creative framework of easy to learn Procreate skills that can be applied to all sorts of subject matter. How you apply them is only limited by your imagination.

These Lesson Ideas are designed to be fun first and foremost.. It’s been proven time and again creative learning engages young minds and helps make lessons stick. Best of all it gives kids the ability to express themselves through their work while they learn. Working digitally means missteps are never permanent, giving kids permission to be confident in making mistakes and liberating them to experiment like never before. It’s this freedom that will hopefully help educators empower the next generation of creators to find their voice, express their ideas and tell stories unique to them.

Using Procreate, collaboration and sharing becomes super simple too. Lesson Ideas such as Shape your Solar System is a project the whole class can collaborate on. Once students create their own individual planet, they combine their work with classmates to make a complete solar system artwork. Teachers are encouraged to take it further by getting the class involved in online research as they extend their learning to a Keynote presentation they can share with the class. Or simply copy and paste their artworks into an illustrated book in Pages, which can be published on Apple Books. With all of their own illustrations and creations, the published book is a truly original work that can be shared with family, friends and the wider world.

'Shape your Solar System' lesson idea

Learn with Procreate is perfect for anybody wanting to get to grips with the basics of Procreate. Explore the Lesson Ideas for yourself, and feel free to adapt them to any subject you think would work for you and your audience. Procreate designed these Lesson Ideas to be a jumping off point for teachers to get creative, but in reality they are perfect for anybody who wants to learn and have fun while they’re doing it.

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