POSSIBLE x Procreate - The creation of Private Layer.

Behind the Scenes October 27, 2020

POSSIBLE, a Los Angeles based motion design studio, are best known for their ability to create stunning content at massive scale. Having provided visual backdrops for some of the biggest stars in the music industry including Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Ariana Grande plus events such as the Super Bowl and Coachella, POSSIBLE’s interactive storytelling is as spectacular as it is huge.

With a strong ethos of collaboration, POSSIBLE believe ‘The magic we make is stronger when we make it together.’ So when POSSIBLE approached Savage in 2019 to help with a project for the MTV Movie & TV Awards, it was obviously something we were more than keen to join creative forces on.

POSSIBLE wanted to create a series of panoramic environments that could come to life on the massive 103-foot wide curved LED wall that wrapped around the MTV stage. As a nod to the process of filmmaking and content creation itself, they wanted to have each environment visually build as layers to represent the different stages of the creative process — from concept sketch, to wireframe draft, to final picture.

Planet World at the 2019 MTV Movie & TV Awards by POSSIBLE

To do this, POSSIBLE needed the ability to accurately refine their initial concept sketches. They already had 12 finished 3D animated sequences, but needed a way to reference them in order to reverse engineer a polished version of their original concept sketches in Procreate. The Time-lapse of these sketches would then be linked to the final 3D sequences using animation to produce a composite time-line of the full creative process.

The idea was great, the only issue being Procreate didn’t allow artists to hide layers they use as reference when doing their initial sketches and compositions. To solve this and allow POSSIBLE to bring their idea to life, Savage created Private Layer. This gave artists the ability to keep a reference image on screen as they worked, while preventing that reference from appearing in Time-lapse.


It’s a simple yet powerful function that not only aids referencing, but also allows for more professional presentation when it comes to bringing ideas to life in Time-lapse. The application for Private Layer across any creative discipline where ideas need to be visually explained to clients or audiences is endless.

Private Layer is a new feature in Procreate 5X, and now available to everybody wanting to create more polished Time-lapse sequences.

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