Apple launches ‘Made on iPad’ with Olivia Rodrigo using Procreate FacePaint.

Announcements August 24, 2021

When Steve Jobs launched iPad over a decade ago he described it as, “…more intimate than a laptop, and so much more capable than a smartphone.” Today with the M1 chip powering iPad Pro, and a massive range of apps rivaling even the desktop ecosystem, iPad is more capable than ever, making it one of the most exciting portable creative tools available.

Apple recently celebrated iPad’s creative powers by partnering with influencer and pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo to help launch their ‘Made on iPad’ campaign. Apple invited TikTok followers to use Rodrigo’s hit, ‘brutal’ as inspiration for creating their own #BrutalMasks in FacePaint and uploading the finished results to TikTok.

Today, Olivia Rodrigo released the official music video for 'brutal.' Directed by artist Petra Collins, the video follows Rodrigo as she navigates through a dreamlike world and encounters various ‘brutal’ obstacles along the way. In the video, Rodrigo wears a variety of animated masks created using FacePaint in Procreate.

“I think what was most fun about this process is that we were able to bring the masks we were making on set and edit them in real time. We could have our animators draw something and try it out on the spot,” said director Petra Collins. “I've always wanted to work with some type of integrative animation but I am very hands on, so I’ve been looking for a process that would cater more towards that. Using iPad and Procreate were perfect because they fit right into this process. Procreate on iPad makes drawing and animating the perfect sensory experience, similar to how I feel shooting film.”

With FacePaint at the center of Apple’s new ‘Made on iPad’ campaign, it was exciting to see Procreate help the campaign come to life. Having seen iPad’s potential from launch, Procreate believed that the power of touch made for a much more creative experience than the traditional tablet and stylus. This natural drawing experience was further enhanced with the advent of Apple Pencil, making Procreate and iPad the ideal digital art toolbox for creatives world-wide.

Procreate has always looked forward to new iPad technology and pushing it to the limit. When LiDAR came to iPad, we couldn’t wait to put it through its paces. Set against a uniquely challenging 2020, Procreate wanted to develop something fun and magical for our community. FacePaint was developed with the intention of being a creative outlet that people could share with others — something to give people a much needed smile.

Paint on your face in Procreate.

In FacePaint you paint directly onto your face from within Procreate using AR. Every stroke and action you draw appears in real-time as you draw. Designed with sharing in mind, you can capture a still image or video of a finished FacePaint projected onto your (or anyone else’s) face. It's perfect for creating your own make-up looks, filters or just creating fun masks for sharing on Instagram or TikTok.

Take a look at Apple's Behind the Scenes #MadeOniPad campaign and have a go at making your own Brutal mask in FacePaint. Don’t forget to add the hashtags #Procreate #BrutalMasks #MadeOniPad #ProcreateFacePaint.

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