Procreate receives prestigious Apple Design Award for Inclusivity.

Press Release June 7, 2022

In 2013 Procreate won its first Apple Design Award for Outstanding Design and Innovation, now it’s become only the second ever product to receive a coveted Apple Design Award twice on a single platform since the introduction of the App Store. The win was celebrated by the Procreate team early morning on Tuesday in Australia as they watched the Apple Design Award ceremony remotely at their headquarters in Hobart, Tasmania.

The Apple Design Award for Inclusivity was presented to Procreate, on Monday, 6 June (PDT) on the opening day of the World Wide Developers Conference. Hundreds of top developers from around the globe were in attendance to see Procreate receive the award, as millions more watched online. The Apple Design Awards celebrate the best-of-the-best applications and developers on MacOS, iOS and iPadOS. Their focus on excellence in innovation, design and technical achievement makes them one of the most sought after awards in the tech world.

The inclusive accessibility features introduced in Procreate 5.2 have been recognized with an Apple Design Award.

Apple awarded Procreate the Apple Design Award in the Inclusivity category for consistently providing great user experiences by supporting people from a diversity of backgrounds, abilities, and languages. Procreate supports 16 languages natively in app, and recently added a suite of advanced accessibility features. These include advanced Motion Filtering for artists with tremors, Single Touch gestures for those with limited hand mobility, and new Color Cards and Notifications to help the visually impaired.

The entire Procreate team is over the moon to be recognized once again for the years of hard work and passion they have poured into Procreate. CEO and Co-founder James Cuda said, “Over the last ten years we’ve put our hearts, souls and brains into making Procreate more available to more people, consistently adding powerful new features year after year and setting new standards of interaction.”

The team at Procreate have worked tirelessly to make a complete digital art studio that is more accessible to more people.

Mr Cuda encourages other developers to see improving accessibility in their applications as an opportunity to make things better for everyone. “It should be an intrinsic part of our design and development process.” Not one to rest on his laurels James Cuda added, “And we still have more work to do.”

Claire d’Este celebrating after having received the award commented, “We’re honored to see our ongoing work and dedication to Procreate recognized by Apple. It fires us up as we focus our attention on the next generation of Procreate products.”

Watch the Apple Design Awards presentation to see Procreate and all the other category winners for 2022. Congratulations to everyone who was nominated and won this year.

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