Procreate introduces new Beginners Series for artists starting out on iPad.

Press Release July 24, 2022

Procreate has released a new Beginners Series designed to break down the barrier to entry for those new to digital art. Getting started with any new tool can be daunting for anyone, but this step-by-step walk-through of everything Procreate and digital art has to offer makes learning the ropes easy and fun. By the time you’ve completed this short series of videos you’ll have all the skills needed to keep going with your new found creative confidence.

The free four-part video series is an easily accessible and creatively rewarding way to learn, designed to empower you with all the basic skills needed to understand making art and animation on iPad. Ideal for anyone wanting an introduction to Procreate and digital art, upon finishing the series you will have created three unique artworks and an animation you can call your own.

The strength of the Beginners Series is in breaking down all the digital art fundamentals into easily understood pieces that can then be applied to your own work later on. The series helps anyone new to digital art quickly discover and comprehend features that could take weeks to figure out if muddling through on your own. This makes picking up fundamentals approachable and engaging, and solves the eternal creative problem of, ‘Where do I start?’

The series begins with The Fundamentals, which walks beginners through Procreate’s basic Brush, Smudge and Erase tools. Digital art staples – layers and color – are also introduced, along with some easy but essential gestures for those new to art on iPad. The next two parts, Painting and Editing Tools, dig deeper into Procreate's effects, and more advanced features such as Transform, Selection, and Adjustments along with an introduction to the Actions menu. Action & Animation is the final part of the series, and looks at how to insert images and use drawing guides to create a simple, but impressive frame-by-frame animation.

You'll be creating art right away with the new four-part Beginners Series.

The series also comes with handy reference workbooks, perfect for any parent or educator wanting to introduce iPad art to new creators. The Beginners Series content is easily adaptable to almost any subject and, with a little imagination, you can shape the content to suit your educational purposes.

The Beginners Series is easy to pick up and hard to put down, with enough engaging content to inspire people who have never used an iPad to start and keep making art. Creating your own art from the get-go negates any fear of the empty page, and gets beginners using the tools of the trade in a way that feels instantly rewarding. When it comes to discovering your creative potential the Procreate Beginners Series is simply the best place to start.

If you or someone you know wants to get started with Procreate, the Beginners Series resources are available for download from July 25 (AEST) on Procreate’s website and viewable at Procreate’s YouTube channel.

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