Procreate Dreams arrives on the App Store

Announcements November 22, 2023

After years of groundbreaking development the highly-anticipated Procreate Dreams is available world-wide for artists and animators. Launched on 22 November, Procreate Dreams makes 2D animation approachable and achievable for beginners and professionals alike with a powerful suite of touch-based tools made for iPad and Apple Pencil.

Now anyone can animate anywhere in Procreate Dreams.

Made to reduce the animation learning curve and increase the fun factor, Procreate Dreams has everything the next generation of storytellers need to bring their work to life. Artists have the choice of animating frame-by-frame, using keyframes and tweening to animate motion and effects, and Performing, a whole new way to animate that uses touch to record your actions as the movie plays. Animating motion with Performing is so approachable anyone can be up and running in no time. Plus you can use Performing to feel your way through animating Live Effects, warp and distort to achieve some incredible results.

Animate frame-by-frame, with keyframes or with the new touch based Performing feature.

You can import your images, video and audio to combine with these various animation techniques, making the creative potential for storytelling limitless. For the first time anyone can seamlessly mix drawing, cel animation, keyframing, editing and compositing all in a single app they can take anywhere. Content creators can quickly make engaging loops and video draw-overs for social media, while seasoned professionals have all they need to tell breathtaking stories through rich 2D animations. Best of all, those new to animation can jump right in producing fun results that will have them running to friends and family to say, “Look at what I’ve made!”

Procreate Dreams is just the beginning of Procreate's animation journey.

Procreate Dreams comes packed with a mixture of reimagined animation staples, along with unique features designed to minimize workload and maximize creative playtime and exploration. Procreate users will feel right at home with the full library of familiar brushes and a painting experience they know and love. This is enhanced by a new and improved painting engine and massive jump in canvas resolution that encompasses the new Stage and Backstage. Familiar Procreate gestures are included alongside new ones that all contribute to a delightful multi-touch experience that boosts workflow and frees timeline use from the traditional horizontal-only navigation. Anyone with video editing experience will be amazed at the instant playback even when rapidly scrubbing, and frame-by-frame animation purists will appreciate the full-screen Flipbook that gets the interface out of the way and gives more room to draw. Procreate Dreams has everything you need to create animations from start to finish while unchaining you from the desk to work when and wherever you want.

Animators can work full-screen and frame-by-frame using Flipbook.

30-year animation industry veteran, Aaron Blaise of The Lion King (1994) and Beauty and the Beast (1991) was one of the first artists to get his hands on Procreate Dreams. His reaction made our heart sing, “This has changed the game for 2D animation. You can do a whole movie with this. It’s amazing what this app can do. I think we’re now going to see this renaissance – a resurgence of 2D films. I’m so excited about it.”

To go with the highly anticipated launch, the team at Procreate have launched a whole new Help Center with a growing collection of resources and learning materials. The Procreate Dreams Handbook is available in English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. For those with questions about the new app, you can search our brand-new Help Center. For those who prefer their Procreate Dreams information to come to them, our Instagram and YouTube channel will also publish video tutorials, tips and tricks.

Procreate Dreams launches with a growing collection of official learning materials.

After all these years keeping Procreate Dreams under wraps, Procreate CEO James Cuda can’t wait to see it in the hands of creatives. “We're releasing an affordable, powerful, portable animation studio at an incredibly important time in the animation industry. We really hope Procreate Dreams will empower a whole new generation of creatives to tell their own stories.” With the aim to bring animation to as many creators as possible, Procreate Dreams is arriving with broad iPad support. Procreate Dreams supports all iPads running iPadOS 16.3 or later.

Available globally in 19 languages and for a one-off price of USD $19.99, Procreate Dreams is available for purchase on the App Store today.

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