Animation in Procreate

Time-lapse + Animation

Art that moves you.

Procreate includes more ways to share your work than ever. Instead of uploading stills, why not really get noticed by getting things moving. With easy Animation Assist, 4K and 30 Second Time-lapse video built right in, sharing your work and getting seen is super simple.

Bring your art to life

Animation Assist.

Animation Assist is the easy to use but deceptively powerful animation tool you’ve been asking for. Perfect for rapidly sketching out animatics, making looping GIFs and seriously polished animation too. Bringing your work to life has never been simpler and you can now do it all right in Procreate.

  • Onion Skins

    Onion Skins make animating easy in Procreate. Make critical animation decisions on the fly with handy color coded Skins showing which frames are ahead and behind.

  • Hold that frame

    Hold Frame is a smart way of avoiding the need to repeat identical frames to pause the action in an animation. Sound simple? It is, but its a life-saver for veteran and new animators alike.

4K Time-lapse

Relive every moment.

Time-Lapse in 4K makes your work look stunning. Blow away the internet with your next creation at full lossless 4K, make it even more sharable with various compression options or drop it down to 1080p.

Refined process

Private Layer.

Keep your reference layers out of the way and their eyes on your work using Private Layer to create professional, presentation grade Time-lapse exports.

Procreate for iPad

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