Celebrating the world of digital art and animation at LightBox Expo 2022.

Events November 4, 2022

Leading creative professionals and artists from across the US and the world recently descended upon Pasadena, California for the fourth annual LightBox Expo (LBX) 2022. With the last two LBX events being held online, coming together to celebrate the art of film, animation, gaming, TV and illustration never felt more special with the atmosphere across all three days being electric. Billed as the ‘ultimate celebration of art’ LBX is a place for artists of all ages and stages to come, learn and be inspired.

Procreate has partnered with LBX from day one, as principal sponsor again this year we sent along a team to look after our booth on the main floor, facilitate a series of artists talks and workshops in the Procreate Theater, and document the weekend’s festivities. The monolithic interactive Procreate booth featured over 30 iPads and two giant screens high above the main floor displaying art from artists of all levels to the crowd below. Nothing gives us more pleasure than meeting the digital art community, helping them discover how to get more out of the app, and hearing their stories and connections to Procreate.

The Procreate booth was buzzing for the entire LightBox Expo.

Helping the Procreate team on the floor were digital art legends Nikolai Lockertsen and Jarom Vogel. Having two luminaries such as Nikolai and Jarom share their wealth of experience and knowledge was both delightful and invaluable. Nikolai described his experience at LBX as, "a pleasure and an honor. All the people you see, meet, inspire and laugh with at LightBox are just fantastic! I friggin love it!” While Jarom enthused that it was, “such a pleasure to be part of the team and to share my enthusiasm for this incredible software with so many talented people from the art and illustration community.” It was a delight to have these two artists, and their infectious positive energy, as a part of our team for the three days.

Stepping from the main floor into the Procreate Theater brought with it an entirely different atmosphere. The room was filled with deep concentration and wonder as panelist talks, product demos and workshops imparted inspirational and practical knowledge for all. Aaron Blaise’s step-by-step through the run cycle of the star of his latest animation ‘Snow Bear’ was fascinating, and artists with little or no animation experience walked away with some fantastic new skills to add to their toolbox.

Procreate Theater kept the crowds inspired with panelist talks, product demos and workshops.

9B Collective shared their wisdom on getting started in the creative industries and the importance of elevating BIPOC artists, while Anoosha Syed’s talk on illustrating picture books entirely in Procreate was both fascinating and motivational. Other creatives featured included Max Ulichney, Angela Sung, Banks Boutté, Spiridon Giannakis, Sozomaika and Finnian MacManus. Every session was packed, and the breadth and quality of knowledge shared by all speakers was enriching.

Bringing conversations with artists to the world is what Procreate is all about, and our talented production team captured as many as they could with the friendly crowds and industry professionals. Interviews with Amber Aki Huang, Danni Fisher-Shin, Sam Yang and many of the speakers from the Procreate Theater gave valuable insight into how their passion for art turned into a sustainable career, along with helpful tips on how to improve as an artist. Check out the buzz from opening day, along with an art challenge or two that they captured while we were there.

Saturday night's Pencils Down Party was reserved for a well-deserved break, as sponsors, speakers and exhibitors got together for some music and a mingle. Cocktails and conversations were the heroes of the hour, although this was briefly upstaged by an impromptu and impressive breakdance demonstration that kept the crowd entertained. It was fantastic to travel all the way from Procreate HQ in Tasmania to meet up with a myriad of friends, old and new. To meet and reconnect with so many fans of Procreate face-to-face, and help inspire them on their artistic journey was both a privilege and experience our team won’t forget.

Keep an eye on the Procreate Instagram and YouTube channel for interviews and more content from our adventures at LightBox Expo.

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