Procreate set to revolutionize animation with new app for iPad, Procreate Dreams.

Events September 8, 2023

On September 8th, 2023, Procreate CEO and Co-founder James Cuda unveiled the revolutionary new animation app for iPad, ‘Procreate Dreams’. With next-generation painting tools, a Multi-touch Timeline, and unique real-time Performing using touch, Procreate Dreams is set to bring animation to everyone.

Procreate CEO and Co-founder James Cuda unveils Procreate Dreams live at Playgrounds In Motion.

The new 2D animation and content creation app empowers beginners and professionals alike with the most intuitive animation experience on iPad wrapped in a delightful and simple UI that only Procreate could design. Featuring advanced keyframing, touch-based performing and simple frame-by-frame editing, Procreate Dreams brings animation to everyone, and is set to become the creative tool of choice for the next generation of storytellers.

For the first time creatives can seamlessly mix drawing, cel animation, keyframing, video editing, and compositing.

Procreate set the standard for digital art over the last 10 years by making it accessible to over 30 million users with a bold, refined, and human approach to creative tools. Aiming to lower the barrier of entry for a whole new generation of animators, Procreate Dreams is about to do it again. "Procreate Dreams means a lot to me because it’s not just about making movies and animations," James Cuda explains. "Dreams is the perfect word to encapsulate the idea that this app can do anything. It doesn't need to observe the rules of physics, it doesn't have to obey the rules of real life. It can be a dream."

Procreate’s next-generation painting and compositing engine supercharges the painting experience.

Everyday artists and illustrators will now have access to a complete set of animation tools that are innovative and powerful, but also familiar to anyone who knows and loves Procreate. Digital artists will find the same fluid, full-screen painting experience along with all their favorite Procreate brushes. Now creatives can work on raster projects with resolutions up to 1 million by 1 million pixels, and more layers than they will ever need. Anyone familiar with Procreate’s Animation Assist will also feel right at home with Procreate Dreams’ Flipbook — an homage to traditional frame-by-frame animation. Animators in Procreate will love the ability to import their existing files with a simple drag-and-drop to bring their work to life with voice overs, sound effects and scores.

Draw on the timeline with Apple Pencil to quickly select content, tracks, or keyframes, then edit them all at once.

Experienced animators will enjoy a world of limitless potential as they explore new animation workflows that work for them. The benefit of being on iPad – a device that you can take anywhere with you – is enhanced by a powerful timeline that has been reinvented for multi-touch and Apple Pencil. Being able to seamlessly navigate the timeline using gestures feels completely natural, as does the way Procreate Dreams dynamically reveals time-scale information depending on your zoom level. And it is fast. Fast-as-your-fingers-can-move, fast. Not just in the way the timeline moves, but also how the Stage renders playback in real-time. Even desktop users will be doing a double take at just how quick Procreate Dreams is as they instantly review any edits made, even while a project is still playing.

Designed for beginners and seasoned professionals, Performing will forever change the way creatives animate.

Content creators will also love how fluid Apple Pencil integration makes editing video and selecting timeline content. With the ability to handle 4K video files with ease, video draw-over and rotoscope projects become a breeze. Designed for beginners and seasoned professionals, Performing will forever change the way creatives animate. Creators can simply tap record to animate using touch and instantly respond to their content as it plays, without needing to set up complex keyframes and paths. Performing isn’t limited to just moving an object, with warping, distortion, filters, and effects also able to be performed. And because it is all recorded as keyframes, you can continue to apply non-destructive Live Filters afterwards, such as color adjustments, sharpening and blur. Combine these innovative features with the delightful interface and user experience Procreate is famous for, and creators will be pumping out perfect loops and mind-blowing motion graphics in no time.

Procreate Dreams has everything needed to create rich 2D animations, expressive videos, and breathtaking stories — and this is only the beginning.

The complete animation studio you can take anywhere, Procreate Dreams has everything creatives need to start bringing their art to life from day one. And just like Procreate, there are big plans to keep on supporting and growing Procreate Dreams’s features and capacity way into the future. As the team at Procreate will enthusiastically tell you, this is only the beginning of Procreate Dreams’s journey to empower creatives to make their dreams come true. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Procreate Dreams releases globally on November 22, 2023 and will be available on the App Store for a single-time purchase of $19.99 USD. No Subscriptions. Sign up here for more Procreate Dreams news and updates.

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